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VPS Cloud Hosting

August 11, 2016, Written by 0 comment

When it comes to VPS cloud hosting, it’s helpful to first know how the server will be utilized. A virtual private server cloud model can be scaled up or down depending on resource requirements, and a VPS can be a practical solution for those looking for a professional hosting production environment, or for those running critical applications.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting, or VPS hosting, is a form of server hosting that utilizes virtual software instead of bare metal hardware to work properly. A virtual private server will function similarly to a dedicated server, and can be a good alternative if cost is a concern. Feel free to read our article, What is VPS Hosting?

Astral Servers provides premium cloud hosting solutions for all personal and professional needs. Our virtual private servers are hosted on the public cloud, which provides triple data replication and unlimited data transfers. All of our dedicated and virtual private servers come with 24/7 customer support and the protection of powerful Anti-DDoS firewalls to guard against dedicated denial of service attacks. Since all of our servers come backed with fully managed support, our customers can sleep easy knowing their servers are watched over at all times.

Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting

Astral Servers offers premium virtual private server hosting services across our public cloud network. Because of our global partners, we can facilitate dedicated and virtual private hosting services around the world. With data centers in North America, Europe, and Pacific Asia, we are a global provider of virtual private servers. We’ve been around for years providing quality VPS hosting services to businesses and individuals seeking affordable managed server hosting services. Find out more about managed virtual private server hosting through one of our blog posts.

Consider choosing a managed hosting company for your VPS cloud hosting needs if you think you might require technical assistance down the road. With an unmanaged server hosting company, customers are expected to deal with any problems on their own. With a managed server hosting company, customers can get help in areas that they might need it most, like software troubleshooting, DNS configurations, MySQL errors, and so much more. Don’t pay extra to outsource support when there are so many opportunities to find affordable server hosting services with in house managed support.

If you’re looking for a professional and inexpensive VPS cloud hosting company than consider checking out Astral Servers for you managed virtual private server needs. All of our VPS plans come with 24/7 support, protection from Anti-DDoS firewalls, and unlimited data transfers at guaranteed speeds. Find out today why so many people have been hosting with us for years.

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