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Virtual Server Hosting US

August 3, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Are you looking for an exceptional server hosting service in the United States? Astral Servers provides high quality professional business and individual dedicated hosting services for customers in the US and EU. All of our virtual private servers are run across our public cloud, which is stretched across 17 different data centers across the world. We provide 24 hour support for all managed virtual servers and dedicated server hosting services. If you aren’t sure what a virtual private server is, we wrote a handy guide to get you started for What is a Private Server and What is a Cloud Server.

Astral Servers has been happily helping install and manage cloud servers for small business for a long time. Experience our managed cloud hosting solutions today.

See some of the possible options with our cloud computer solutions, we wrote an article on 10 Uses for a Dedicated Server or VPS.