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Top 5 Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

January 7, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Top 5 Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Individuals and businesses of various sizes are often faced with a large array of selections when it comes to choosing their server hosting provider. There are many different options, however, the most common is shared hosting. Shared hosting is a type of hosting architecture that splits a single servers resources between a large number of different users. Individuals and businesses that are serious about their online presence or are worried about downtime for their website, mail server, game server, or other web applications are taking advantage of managed dedicated server hosting services.

There are a few key advantages of dedicated server hosting services versus shared hosting that we are going to cover in this post.

Read on to see our list of the Top 5 Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting:

1. Dedicated Servers Have Unrestricted Access To Resources

Unlike shared hosting services that oversell their server resources to make a few extra bucks, dedicated server hosting is entirely for the owner or user. When hosting with a shared hosting provider, all the hardware and server resources are split unevenly between the multiple users on the same machine. This can be a problem for those that don’t want to compete for resources with other users on the server, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have a shared hosting neighbor that is sending out spam, big mailing lists, and other resource intensive processes.

When choosing to host your server, it’s important to bear in mind the resources you expect to be using in the present and in the future. Picking a dedicated server over shared hosting is a good idea for those that are concerned about increased  reliability, enhanced security, and an overall better experience. When sharing server resources with others, your peak time might align with another on your server, and it might cause a negative user experience. Dedicated servers will always ensure that users are getting peak performance during peak usage times.

Dedicated servers are a good pick because resources aren’t shared between users like with shared hosting. This is good for businesses and individuals that don’t want to have their website bogged down by bandwidth spikes caused by other users sharing the server. This is especially important for businesses of all sizes as server downtime can mean that your website or application is offline and not working correctly for your users or visitors.

“As of December 2017, 24 percent of respondents worldwide reported the average hourly downtime cost of their servers as being between 301,000 and 400,000 U.S. dollars.” — Statista

2. Dedicated Servers Have IP Addresses That Are Unique

Comparing a dedicated server to shared hosting, there are quite a few advantages, one of which is unique IP addresses. With shared hosting servers, users are put onto the same machine and required to share resources between one another. Not only do users have to share resources with traditional shared hosting, but they also share the same IP address as all the other users on the server. This could mean that, if all the users are running websites, and one website gets targeted by a dedicated denial of service attack, all the other websites sharing the same IP address would be affected by it as well.

When businesses and individuals choose to host on a dedicated server, they can be sure that they’re getting all the resources to themselves as well as a dedicated IP address. Not only do users of dedicated servers get their own resources and IP address, but it’s also possible to add additional IP addresses if needed. Dedicated servers offer increased functionality, better performance, and enhanced security.

It’s advantageous to have a dedicated IP address for a professional website because when users are on a shared hosting plan, using the same IP address, it can affect website rankings. This could be bad for a professional company that has a business website with the same IP address as an adult or spam site. Having a dedicated IP address is important for those considering running a large scale e-commerce site which requires transport layer security (TLS) for processing credit card transactions.

3. Dedicated Servers Have Increased Flexibility Over Shared Hosting

While it’s true that dedicated servers aren’t as flexible as far as scalability when compared to a virtual private server, it’s also true to say that dedicated server hosting is a step in the right direction for shared hosting users.

Dedicated servers offer the individuals and businesses that use them the ability to customize their machine. This means that certain hardware can be swapped out or upgraded if need be to fit the requirements of the user. Typically with shared hosting, customers are limited to the already preinstalled or pre configured applications and software that’s already installed on the shared server. With a dedicated server, it’s possible to install whatever applications and software is required for your growing enterprise. Since dedicated servers are highly customizable, it’s possible to have multiple separate dedicated servers working together or separately. Multiple different dedicated servers can be configured to run seperate pieces of software, for example, one could be solely for sending mail, while another could be for database management, and another for web hosting. When it comes down to it, the flexibility of dedicated servers is a great improvement over the confines of a shared hosting server.

Dedicated servers are great for rapidly growing enterprises and small businesses. They are excellent for those that want to manage their website and data in a reliable location where their users will always have access to it. Dedicated servers also offer increased storage, processing, and network speeds over shared hosting solutions.

It’s usually wise for businesses, developers, and other individuals seeking professional server hosting to consider a dedicated server environment over shared hosting because of the increased flexibility. Users of a dedicated server can configure their server how they see fit and with whatever operating system they like. Businesses and individuals choose managed dedicated server hosting when they want to have more control and flexibility over their server resources.

4. Dedicated Servers Offer Increased Security and Performance

It’s very common for many shared hosting services to advertise certain specifications for their server but not actually be able to live up to them. This is because many shared hosting services use a tactic called “Overselling“. The overselling occurs when a shared host puts more customers than resources on a server that must be shared. Since the web host knows that all the users won’t be using utilizing the full potential of their plan all the time, they oversell the resources in an attempt to pack in as many people as possible and save on costs for increased profits. You can spot shared hosting providers when they advertise Inode limits.

Users of dedicated servers don’t have to worry about their resources being oversold as their dedicated server is entirely their own to use and not shared with anyone else.

Since dedicated servers aren’t shared between multiple users, it can certainly put your mind at ease when it comes to server security. Businesses and large websites don’t want to be sharing their server with multiple random neighbors, no, they want enhanced security that comes from them being the only one with access to their server. Businesses and individuals that choose to host with a professional dedicated server hosting services can relax knowing that they aren’t sharing resources or IP addresses with potential malicious websites, illicit adult content sites, or email spammers. Dedicated servers offer increased security over shared hosting, this could be vital for websites seeking to handle sensitive information over FTP or SSL and is important for transactions online using credit cards.

Professional dedicated server hosting services will also be able to protect your dedicated server by having them protected by firewalls and live security monitoring. This is important because it can offer greater security against hackers and malicious scripts seeking to impede or exploit your server. Large companies to small scale businesses and individuals want to be focusing on their work, not on maintaining the security of their server and worrying about keeping their data safe.

Because dedicated servers are highly flexible and customizable, it’s possible to implement custom security rules, install security applications, and more. Dedicated servers offer the best choice for those concerned about server access control and enhanced firewall protection.

5. Dedicated Server Hosts Have Exceptional Reliability & No Maintenance Costs

Choosing to host on a dedicated server is a good idea for those worried about the needs of their business, website, or other web application. When it comes to selecting a hosting option though, for those considering dedicated servers, there are some other things to be aware about.

Dedicated hosting is an option for those interested in hosting a dedicated server, but for those that don’t want to purchase the hardware and configure everything themselves. This is where a dedicated server hosting provider comes in. When you opt to host with a dedicated server hosting provider, you will experience all the benefits but with no additional overhead costs besides renting the server itself. Dedicated server hosting companies are responsible for housing the physical servers in data centers that are physically guarded and staffed 24/7. When choosing to host a dedicated server through a hosting provider, the users can just focus on running their website and server, while the server host takes care of all server maintenance, hardware replacements, server hosting costs, data center maintenance, and much more.

Companies and individuals that don’t have the time or resources to manage a server themselves might want to consider dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting is an affordable option for those looking to access and implement the full range of their server resources without having to handle the cost of physical maintenance or worry about downtime and hardware replacement. Most dedicated server hosting companies offer a guaranteed uptime so users and businesses know that their server is always up and running.

Not only can it be expensive to manage your own dedicated server, but it can also be costly if assistance is needed such as support. Many dedicated server hosting services will not only manage your server but they can also provide assistance and technical support for free or for a price. Find out what kind of support you need when seeking out a new dedicated server, and check what web software and server applications are supported. Businesses and individuals would be wise to take advantage of the technical assistance benefits that a managed server hosting company can provide, as well as the bonuses that troubleshooting around the clock might have.

If you’re a business or individual looking for a new web hosting experience, consider switching to a dedicated server to take the next step in growing your enterprise.