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North American Managed Server Hosting

March 17, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Professional Managed Server Hosting in North America

Many businesses and individuals throughout North America are in need of a professional and affordable server hosting provider that can offer them exceptional dedicated and virtual private servers. Here at Astral Servers, we are capable of doing just that.

We have a wide selection of dedicated and virtual private servers that can be hosted throughout North America or in separate data centers around the world. Astral Servers is a managed server hosting company with a focus on customer satisfaction. All of our dedicated and VPS plans come with 24/7 customer support, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and advanced security features that other companies charge extra for. Our advanced security features include things such as live monitoring and enhanced firewalls for anti-DDoS protection. Astral Servers uses a cloud infrastructure that is stretched across more than 25 different and secure data centers around the world. Every data center is equipped with backup generators in the event of a power outage, and all access to data is strictly monitored. Astral Servers has years of experience when it comes to hosting professional business applications, websites, and online software around the world. Our customers know they can rely on us for reliable and affordable managed servers in North America.

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It might be wise to consider switching from a traditional shared hosting platform to a dedicated or virtual private server when concerned about sharing server resources with others. With traditional shared hosting, users purchase a cheap plan but are required to shared server resources with server neighbors, which can be bad for resource intensive applications and high traffic websites. When in this situation, it might be a good time to invest in a dedicated or virtual private server as server resources are not shared with others. Virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting is a good investment for individuals and businesses that want maximum performance with absolutely no resource sharing.

Those that are searching for local server hosting in North America might consider Astral Servers for their dedicated and virtual private server hosting solutions.

North American Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual private servers are the next step up from the traditional shared hosting platform. A virtual private server offers high uptime and great specs at a low cost without resource sharing. Businesses and network development professionals know that their information and data is important, and sharing resources on a shared hosting platform isn’t sustainable for large projects, websites, and applications. A virtual private server is viewed by many as the middle ground between shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. A virtual private server, or VPS, can also offer enhanced security over traditional shared hosting platforms as users are no longer required to share IP addresses and data is no longer stored on a shared machine. Virtual private servers are also very reliable due to their cloud network infrastructure, and they are much easier to scale up or down that a dedicated server.

Astral Servers offers exceptional managed virtual private servers in North America to businesses and individuals that are looking for a reliable server provider. Our virtual private servers are hosted on a cloud infrastructure that is stretched around North America, throughout data centers in the United States and Canada.

Many believe that VPS hosting offers enhanced benefits over dedicated server hosting. Some benefits of virtual private servers are:

  • Virtual private servers don’t share server resources like traditional shared hosting plans.
  • Virtual private servers are highly scalable and easy to upgrade or downgrade based on usage requirements.
  • Virtual private servers offer enhanced security over the traditional shared hosting platform.
  • Virtual private servers are cost effective solutions and much most affordable than hosting an in-house dedicated server.
  • Virtual private servers are more reliable and offer more control than shared server hosting plans.

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North American Dedicated Server Hosting

In addition to exceptional VPS hosting, Astral Servers also offers managed dedicated server hosting services throughout North America and more. The dedicated servers that we provide come with the same reliability as our virtual private servers as they also have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Like our VPS plans, our dedicated servers are also protected by enterprise level anti-DDoS firewalls and secured in a safe, data controlled environment. All of our managed dedicated server plans in North America come with unmetered download and uploads with lightning fast speeds. We do not set data caps like other companies do for internet usage.

Dedicated servers might be a good choice for those seeking optimal security and performance over a shared hosting platform. Dedicated servers also have unique IP addresses, unlike shared hosting, so no shared server neighbors can harm the reputation of your IP address.

We stand by all of our managed dedicated server plans with our responsive 24/7 technical support staff. Like our virtual private servers, our dedicated servers also include free access to technical support, which is another feature that other companies might charge a premium for. Astral Servers is a trusted name for individuals and businesses that are looking for a quick, reliable, and professional dedicated server hosting company in North America.

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North American Managed Server Hosting

When selecting a hosting provider, remember to always double check if the server host offers unmanaged or managed servers. The main difference between the two is that managed hosting services can perform assistance with server functionality whereas unmanaged server hosts provide no support whatsoever. A managed hosting service is an ideal choice for those that might need assistance running or maintaining a server hosting environment or running online software or applications. Managed hosting services can also help solve problems regarding common web software and other applications when it comes to interfacing with your server or performing common tasks. Astral Servers offers premium managed business hosting solutions to companies wanting blazing fast, secure, and simple managed servers.

Businesses and individuals are finding it increasingly practical nowadays to choose a managed server hosting platform over an unmanaged platform as it can be costly to hire an out of house support team. When selecting a managed server provider, businesses and individuals can rely on the in house technical support staff to assist them with common problems and support that other services might charge hourly for. Our customers choose Astral Servers because we offer help with common content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and Magento. Ask your managed server hosting service to add additional IP addresses for any dedicated or virtual private server plan.

Those that are interested in selecting a managed server hosting service in North America might consider Astral Servers for their dedicated or virtual private server hosting requirements.