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Managed VPS Hosting Service

May 17, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Why choose us?

Things we do

We specialize in answering your questions and solving your problems, for example:

Can you install Python 3.4?
Can you stop this brute force attack on my forum?
Can you reboot my unresponsive server?
Can you reset my password?
Can you help me transfer a domain?

Our professional team of support staff will patiently assist you through one of our many support channels. We have no scripts for dealing with issues as we understand that each and every one is unique. We offer support on a personal level. You aren’t just a number to us. You’re our partner.

Things we don’t do

Here are some examples of things we can’t help with:

✘ Can you design my website?
✘ Can you call my ex-wife?
✘ Will you help me get Twitter followers?
✘ Can you check my website for spelling issues?
✘ Can you reply to my emails for me?

We are here to help you when you need it, but there are certain things we can’t do for you. If it relates to your VPS or Domain we are happy to work with you until your issue is resolved. If you aren’t sure if we can help or not, don’t hesitate to ask!

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