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What Is VPS Hosting?

A brief description of the purpose and uses of a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

What Is The Public Cloud?

A brief explanation on the definition of a Public Cloud.

What are Dedicated Servers?

A brief explanation on the definition of a Dedicated Server.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

A brief explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting.

10 Things you can do with a Dedicated Server

10 things to do with your idle dedicated server or virtual private server so you no longer have to ask “What can I do with my dedicated server?”

What Are Managed Virtual Private Servers?

Find out how to detect if you’re in a VPS and about the differences between virtual private servers and managed virtual private servers.

Things You Should Know Before Hosting a Dedicated Server

Here we go over some of the things that every business and individual should know before choosing to host with a dedicated server.

Differences Between a Virtual Private Server and a Dedicated Server

There are many differences between virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Here we cover a few of the main differences between the two.

Dedicated Servers - Frequently Asked Questions

In this article we go over some of the most common questions that we get asked regarding our dedicated server hosting plans. Find out more in our article about dedicated server frequently asked questions.

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