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Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Servers

March 8, 2019, Written by 0 comment

For anyone that’s interested in learning more about dedicated server hosting and what we can offer here at Astral Servers, we’ve written a list of our most frequently asked questions about dedicated server hosting. In our list we go over the following questions:

About Dedicated Servers

What is a dedicated server?

Who should use dedicated server hosting?

What is unmetered dedicated server hosting?

What is managed dedicated server hosting?

Are there benefits to dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated Server Sizes

Can you provide custom order dedicated servers?

How easy is it to scale a dedicated server up or down?

What is the smallest dedicated server that you can provide?

Dedicated Server Specifications

Do you offer 24/7 support for all dedicated servers?

Can you do Windows Server OS dedicated server hosting?

Do you provide server and website migration services?

Can I add additional IP addresses to my dedicated server?

What control panels do you support?

Can you provide dedicated server hosting in other areas besides North America?

Can I get an unmanaged dedicated server?

What types of operating systems are available?

Do you support business server hosting?

What is a good dedicated server with the best CPU?

Can I choose which applications to install on my dedicated server?

Do you provide support for popular dedicated server software?

Dedicated Server Security

Is Anti-DDoS protection included for free with all the dedicated server plans?

Will I have root access to my dedicated server?

Do the dedicated servers come with RAID?

Are the data centers secure?

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Dedicated Server Payments

Are there any setup fees?

What types of payments do you accept?

How fast do you process dedicated server orders?

Will I be charged for hardware replacement if something breaks?

Do you provide bulk discounts for dedicated server orders?


Find out the answers to our most frequently asked dedicated server questions.