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Cloud Virtual Server Hosting

August 14, 2016, Written by 0 comment

To understand how cloud virtual server hosting works, it’s important to first have a good understanding of some other basic principles first.

What Is The Cloud?

Virtual cloud server hosting works on the public cloud, which is really more of a concept than anything else. The public cloud is a collection of dedicated servers and virtual private servers that run the same programs, allowing them to create a vast network of connected computers acting as one cloud.

A cloud is a collection of many different servers that all work together to form an overall cloud. If you choose cloud virtual server hosting, it’s important to keep in mind that often times hosting a virtual server on the cloud offers better data redundancy than dedicated server hosting.

What Is a Virtual Server?

When it comes to selecting a hosting provider, it’s important to know the difference between the three main types of hosting services offered. Shared hosting is for low end users who are only needing very small amounts of space to run a single website or something of that nature.

A shared hosting provider profits by leasing a dedicated server or virtual private server, dividing it up, and overselling the resources to be shared between users. With shared hosting services, all of the users are competing for the same resources, so if you have a resource hungry neighbour then your website or service could suffer.

A cloud virtual server hosting service will offer customers virtual private servers for use. Virtual private servers are also referred to as a VPS. Choosing to host with a cloud virtual server hosting company will offer you advantages over shared hosting, will still saving you the cost of fully committing to your own dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting, a virtual private server doesn’t share space with others. Cloud virtual server hosting is very practical for those who may need to scale up or down easily. Unlike a dedicated server, when you host your data on a cloud virtual server, your services can continue even in the event of a server malfunction, because the overall architecture for a virtual cloud server is different.

Dedicated server hosting services are for those that need maximum performance. Dedicated servers offer a single machine for lease that will offer dedicated resources to the customer with no resource sharing. You will have root access and won’t have to share any resources with anyone else. Dedicated servers usually have the highest cost associated with them due to not having to share the cost with other neighbours who are using the same machine.

When it comes to hosting overall, there are typically two approaches that companies take. Some companies will choose to offer managed hosting services while others will offer unmanaged services. For people that may need help more often then managed hosting is the perfect solution. Unmanaged hosting means you’re just renting the server and not any support. If you don’t know much about cars, then you might not trust yourself to go digging around in your engine. This is a similar concept for managed cloud virtual server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting. With managed hosting services, you will always have access to a trained professional who can assist you when you run into a technical issue or error that you can’t handle on your own.

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