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Best Dedicated Server Hosting

August 5, 2016, Written by 0 comment

When it comes to looking for the best dedicated server hosting service, it’s important to understand the definition and fundamentals of dedicated server hosting. The defining factor on what makes your server good, is if it has modern powerful hardware that can handle today’s advanced computing requirements, as well as network speed, storage space, and more.

What Makes a Good Server?

Since the components of a dedicated server are similar to those used in client computers like generic desktops, they are usually made with higher-grade components than desktop computers. Whereas a desktop computer is designed to support one user, a dedicated server is meant for supporting many users. Dedicated servers are meant to be used intensively, and are therefore usually kept in a special room inside a datacenter where their temperature and stats can be monitored around the clock for optimal hosting conditions. In order to have the best dedicated server hosting experience, it’s important to have the correct components that can handle your various hosting needs. Another important factor to think about is network speed.

Having the best dedicated server hosting can sometimes depend on your hosting providers network. Even if you have the most powerful specs, your hosting provider may have a slow internet connection, causing a network bottleneck. Unlike traditional desktop computers that have a motherboard with only one Network Interface Card (NIC), some dedicated servers have two network interface cards for those with advanced networking needs. It’s important to know how much bandwidth you will be using if there are costs associated with how much data you send over their network. Astral Servers offers unlimited data transfer with our dedicated servers at no additional cost to you.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to selecting the best dedicated server hosting service is to make sure the disk space provided with the dedicated server will be enough for your project requirements.

Since there are so many practical ways to utilize a dedicated server, we wrote an article that can help get you started with some ideas for a dedicated server such as setting up a virtual private network.

Virtual private server hosting is a popular alternative to dedicated server hosting. Virtual private servers, or VPS, is not a new technology, but over the past few years it has become more prominent. We wrote an article on some of the advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting. When it comes to looking for the best dedicated server hosting, Astral Servers should be your first choice. With 24 hour support and denial of service protection, it easy to see why many of our customers enjoy hosting with us.

Virtualization enables one server to behave as several servers, each with its own operating system and unique set of applications. A virtual machine consists solely of software, yet it has all the components of a physical machine: It has a motherboard, a CPU, a hard disk, a network controller, and so on. The operating system and other applications run on a virtual machine just as they would on a physical machine–they see no difference between the two environments.PC World

Astral Servers is proud to always offer you only the best dedicated server hosting solutions. Contact us today for more information and details.