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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

July 29, 2016, Written by 1 comment

Advantages Vs Disadvantages

There are many different names for a dedicated server or dedicated hosting service, such as managed dedicated server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and managed dedicated servers just to name a few.

In essence, a dedicated hosting service is a type of web hosting package in which a server is leased to a single user, company, organization, or entity. The server being dedicated entirely to the customers use, with overall root access and no shared overhead.

You can read our article for a more in depth description about What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

There are many advantages that a dedicated server has over other server hosting options like shared hosting, and virtual private server hosting. Dedicated server hosting is when the server is leased to a single person or entity, and this gives that person or entity complete access and control over the entire dedicated server. Hosting with a dedicated server hosting company, or dedicated hosting service can offer you benefits over self hosting your server. When a dedicated server is leased from a hosting provider, the client is only responsible for paying for the use of the server, while the hosting provider is responsible for the maintenance and possible hardware replacement of parts within that dedicated server. You can read more about The The Advantages of a Dedicated Server and The Importance of a Dedicated Server for your Organization.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

There are some disadvantages to using a dedicated server for your hosting requirements. Generally, dedicated servers tend to cost more than virtual private servers, and requires that you have the adequate technical skill to solve any technical issues that may occur— unless you have managed hosting services. Another potential disadvantage to dedicated server hosting is that you don’t have physical access to the server. If you are hosting on a dedicated server through an unmanaged hosting service, your hosting services have the capacity to take up a lot of your time, and administration tasks within the server can be difficult without the proper knowledge or training. Choosing the right hosting service can be very important for your business and hosting needs, dedicated servers are powerful machines that can be put to great use with the proper knowledge. Virtual private hosting is also a great alternative to dedicated server hosting.

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